Fontainebleau - August 2008

After checking in at the "La Musardiere" campsite we walked to the area "La Gorge aux Chats" because this was just a few minutes walk. There we did the yellow circuit to get used to the type of climbing.

Circuits are a lot of marked boulders (with different colored paint) which can be connected to a long boulderroute. You simply have to follow the marks and you find yourself jumping and running around and over the boulders like a little monkey :)

Cross Country Spotting Crew :)
Nice and easy boulder

We spent the next day in the area "Cul de Chien" and "La Roche aux Sabots". It was a really friendly athmosphere among the boulderers which came from a lot of different countries.Spotting and motivating each other or exchanging beta for moves was common. Unfortunately was the temperature much too hot so I ripped so much skin off whilst projecting one of those a weird sloper problems.

small foodholds
Toit de Cul de Chien 6c/7a Cul de Chien

The last day took us to Apremont where I found a really cool 7a+ boulder (Le 13ème Travail d'Hercule) with wicked moves and a lot of heel-hooking. Allthough I was really psyched to send it, I was too destroyed to come even close. next time...

Le 13ème Travail d'Hercule 7a+

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